Notes about the training show at the Fun Afternoon on the 3rd September

If you are interested in performing in the training show at the Fun Afternoon on Sunday, the 3rd September, please read the following notes carefully:

  1. We accept entries on the day but we would appreciate it if you would register your entries in advance. Payment ($5 per entry, including pairs or group routines) can be made on the day. To register your entries in advance, email us your name, your dog’s name, the title of your routine, and an MP3 file of your music (if possible).
  2. As we don’t have a CD player, please send us an MP3 file of your music by email or through any online file transfer service (e.g. Google Drive, DropBox, or in advance or bring your music on an iPod or a similar potable music player on the day.
  3. Entries will be taken until 2pm on the day. The show is expected to start around 2.30pm.
  4. Please follow instructions given by our team on the day.
  5. All routines will be video recorded and feedback will be given to every performer.
  6. Last but not the least, have fun dancing with your dog!!


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Freestyle / Heelwork To Music Fun Afternoon

Did you miss it last time? No problem! We are doing it again!

We are having another Freestyle / Heelwork to Music Fun Afternoon on Sunday the 3rd September! Make sure to mark your calendar and join us at NZKC showgrounds Ardmore!