Announcement of New Zealand National HWTM and Freestyle Video Event 2017

We will be again running our video competition for New Zealand heelwork to music and canine freestyle teams. Videos due no later than 1 Dec 2017.

In order to take away some of the ‘stress’ of recording a routine without reinforcers, we will be making this a ‘fun’ event and allowing food and/or toys to be used during the recording.

Classes available will be:

  • Elementary Freestyle
  • Elementary HWTM
  • Starters Freestyle
  • Starters HWTM
  • Open Freestyle
  • Open HWTM
  • Pairs

Ribbons will be awarded for 1st -3rd place for each class.

Entry fee: $10

You can download the entry forms here.
The rules for entry to follow.

Safety note: As we are essentially following the UK HWTM rules for judging, it follows that we should also use caution regarding the inclusion of moves which they have banned in their routines (for safety concerns), such as unsupported handstands and balancing acts. Please consider your dogs moves carefully before including them in your routine.


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