Results of Paws’n’ Music competition at NDOA 2017

In October 2017 a Paws’n’ Music competition was held as part of NDOA (National Dog Obedience Assembly) in Fielding.

The event was judged by two international judges, Loretta Rabbitt (Sydney) and Valerie Bulte (Gold Coast), as well as a NZ judge, June Rippon, and participated by some new competitors as well as experienced ones.

Here are the results of the competition.

Well done everyone! We hope to see you again and some more new competitors at NDOA 2018 in Christchurch! (Note: The Paws’n’ Music competition will be in conjunction with NDOA but not as part of it.)




We will be at Auckland Pet & Animal Expo again!!

We will do a display at Auckland Pet & Animal Expo 2017 on Saturday 30 September and Sunday 1 October, at  ASB Showgrounds, Greenlane. Our show is 1pm to 1:40pm both days. This year we will show a group routine (by three handlers with a dog each) and, if time allows, a brace demo (by two handlers with two dogs each) as well as singles routines!


Report of the Fun Afternoon on 3 Sep

We had five participants for the workshop and ten entries for the training show.

Taking advantage of the small attendance, we offered almost-one-on-one instruction. As all dogs were able to perform basic tricks already, the participants learned how to reduce hand signals using a gate and how to incorporate transitions in a sequence of multiple moves with Tatiana and Jan. In addition, Ros and Shona helped a student deal with her dog’s barking issue.

P1150829 (1502x2000)-COLLAGE

All dogs had a great time learning new stuff and getting lots of treats!

P1150853 (2000x1502)-COLLAGE

In the training show our special instructor Jan gave us feedback on our routines, which made it a great opportunity to find ways to improve the use of the ring space, the structure of routines, and so on.

We hope to have another fun afternoon later this year.

Notes about the training show at the Fun Afternoon on the 3rd September

If you are interested in performing in the training show at the Fun Afternoon on Sunday, the 3rd September, please read the following notes carefully:

  1. We accept entries on the day but we would appreciate it if you would register your entries in advance. Payment ($5 per entry, including pairs or group routines) can be made on the day. To register your entries in advance, email us your name, your dog’s name, the title of your routine, and an MP3 file of your music (if possible).
  2. As we don’t have a CD player, please send us an MP3 file of your music by email or through any online file transfer service (e.g. Google Drive, DropBox, or in advance or bring your music on an iPod or a similar potable music player on the day.
  3. Entries will be taken until 2pm on the day. The show is expected to start around 2.30pm.
  4. Please follow instructions given by our team on the day.
  5. All routines will be video recorded and feedback will be given to every performer.
  6. Last but not the least, have fun dancing with your dog!!


IMG47471 (1280x853)


Announcement of New Zealand National HWTM and Freestyle Video Event 2017

We will be again running our video competition for New Zealand heelwork to music and canine freestyle teams. Videos due no later than 1 Dec 2017.

In order to take away some of the ‘stress’ of recording a routine without reinforcers, we will be making this a ‘fun’ event and allowing food and/or toys to be used during the recording.

Classes available will be:

  • Elementary Freestyle
  • Elementary HWTM
  • Starters Freestyle
  • Starters HWTM
  • Open Freestyle
  • Open HWTM
  • Pairs

Ribbons will be awarded for 1st -3rd place for each class.

Entry fee: $10

You can download the entry forms here.
The rules for entry to follow.

Safety note: As we are essentially following the UK HWTM rules for judging, it follows that we should also use caution regarding the inclusion of moves which they have banned in their routines (for safety concerns), such as unsupported handstands and balancing acts. Please consider your dogs moves carefully before including them in your routine.